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Whispers From the Strawdog - Demo Build

*This is a demo build of the project Whispers From the Strawdog. The game is still under-development and is subject to change as development proceeds. Thank you.

Whispers of guilt find their way into an interactive marionette theater

Whispers From The Strawdog is an interactive branching narrative experience that is presented as a puppet theater depicting the Japanese occupation of East Asia.

The player is given control over two marionettes, the guard and the prisoner, to play out their struggles and impact their stories to create a narrative of the player's choosing.

Intended for multiple playthroughs, the game is designed to have the player gradually uncover the truth behind the prison and the fate's of its inhabitants by reenacting possible scenarios.

Please find further information about the project or about us at http://petmegames.com/whispers_from_the_strawdog.html

Music by Uriel Vanchestein


WhispersFromTheStrawdog_WindowsDemo.zip 151 MB
Strawdog_MacDemo.zip 155 MB

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