A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A Toymaker

Her Creation

And the Untold Stories Hidden Within...

Fantastical toys portray the struggles of a woman in an intolerant society as she attempts to reconcile with her past through her creations.

*This is a demo for one of 4 planned stories in The Toymaker's Bequest.  Development is currently on hold, but please let the development team, at Pet Me Games, know if you would like to see the game completed.

StatusOn hold
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Made withUnity
Tagsautomata, Narrative, puppet, Story Rich, toy
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Just download for either mac or windows and run the executable.


ToymakersBequest_windows_demo.zip 101 MB
ToymakersBequest_mac_demo.zip 105 MB


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I loved this demo. the idea of using toys to tell a story is both creative and brilliant. I'm a supporter of the LBGT community, I'm a straight wolf furry so society doesn't look to kindly on me either; however I still wear my ears and tail out in public with pride and would love to see this game continued so I can see what happens next. you have me hooked.

我是来自中国 一名女性玩家,看到这个游戏我真的激动不已!!不管是画面风格还是游戏内容,都太棒太棒了!我迫不及待地下载了游戏的DEMO,试完之后赶紧注册了账号了评论,这是我第一次注册账号为一个游戏评论,因为真的太喜欢了。真的非常非常希望能够看到这个游戏的最终版!真的太棒了,因为说实话为女性而做的游戏设计真的不多,市面上大多数都是适合男生玩的游戏,我作为一个女生对那种射击类,动作类的游戏真的没有什么兴趣。这款游戏给了我超级超级大的惊喜!真的让人惊讶和感动了,如果这个游戏ž做出来了我一定第一时间试玩并且推荐给我的粉丝们!辛苦开发人员了!你们真的做了一项非常了不起工作!这个游戏从氛围到主题,画面到情绪,都是我玩过的最好最印象深刻的女性向游戏!原谅我的话有点多,因为我实在太喜欢这个游戏了,你们完成了一件艺术品,对你们表示由衷的赞赏!谢谢!并且,请继续坚持下去吧!  


Gave it a go...

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Thanks for giving it a go!!!

By the way, if we do get back to this game,

the other stories will be a continuation of the same character at different points of her life.

I absolutely adored this. It's perfect, and the voice had the right amount of emotion -- made me want to cry, really. Well done!

Thanks for playing Dark Unykorn.  I'm glad it was worth your while!

I hope you'll be able to make the other stories too, this was lovely. :)

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This was an amazing game! Perfect visualisation of what was happening and I can't wait to see this game completed. Good job.